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Corporate Communications

"I was skeptical at first about the benefits of joining a barter exchange. However, I have been able to save on both business & personal expenses. The personnel at New England Trade are extremely helpful & friendly and work very hard to try and fill a specific need or request if at all possible."

Len Brault
Corporate Communications
Member Since 1988

Who We Are

New England Trade is a membership-based association. Our members buy and sell products and services with other exchange members using Trade dollars, which are equivalent to U.S. dollars.

New England Trade acts as a third-party record keeper, just like a bank, providing monthly statements and current dollar balance. All transactions are recorded pursuant to trading procedures, policies, rules and regulations of New England Trade, Inc. and the IRS.

Unlike a bank, however, we connect you directly with other members. New England Trade brings you new customers to purchase your products and services with Trade dollars. You can then use those Trade dollars to offset current business expenses by purchasing products and services from other members without using valuable cash resources.

Our offices are in Malden, MA and Hyannis, MA, with trading partners throughout the country and around the world.

Who's Trading?