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Scheier & Katin, P.C.

Scheier & Katin, P.C. was established in 1990 as a full-service law office, Mark Scheier and Mike Katin together have more than 57 years of experience in general law.The firm handles Real Estate, Business, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Estate Planning and Administration, Litigation, and more. But the company’s strategy for barter involves trading for services that are generally easy to quantify, and represent their main focus area, which they can serve them most easily.

Scheier & Katin P.C. uses their Barter income to augment employee and client relationships, with perks, entertainment, client “thank-you’s”, and travel. Mark says “NET brings us a more diverse client base, both geographically and in the types of services needed. It makes our practice more interesting and also has led to a substantial increase in referrals, which are generally cash clients.”

Scheier & Katin, P.C.
Mark Scheier
member since 1992.

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