New England Trade


The Salem Inn

"I would highly recommend joining New England Trade. The Salem Inn has been a member since we started our business in 1983. We feel this is one trade organization which is respectable, and has brought us a lot of business."

Diane Pabich, Owner
The Salem Inn
Member since 1983


Welcome to New England Trade, “The Ultimate Business Network”

As a member of New England Trade, your business can access a large market of member companies that choose to do business with you, first - before considering your competitors. And through New England Trade, you'll find a full range of marketing opportunities and advertising media to increase your business, profile and effectively build your brand - without paying cash. No wonder our membership is growing every day!

We provide an entirely new avenue for building your revenues and market share by efficient and mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services. New England Trade brokers millions of dollars in sales and purchases for its members each year without the use of cash.

Forget the old fashioned "I have what you want, you have what I want" concept of trading. With your own Certified Trade Broker (CTB) you can trade what you have for anything in the trading network by means of the Trade Dollar. Trade Dollars are used as our Barter Currency, and are accepted at thousands of businesses regionally & nationally.

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